Tab A-        Executive Summary.  Truth and Justice for US Citizens Murdered by Fidel Castro


Tab B-         Overview of Events Before, During and After the Shootdown on February 24, 1996 of Brothers to the Rescue (BTTR) Aircraft (the Shootdown).  Excerpt from the Appeal from the Decision of the Immigration Judge.  Appellees: Bello-Puente, Regalado, and Reyes-Ramírez.  Attorney:  Ralph E. Fernández.


                   Mr. Regalado Is a Witness in the US Government Investigation of the Shootdown.  Despite Two Previous Acquittals on Skyjacking Charges Related to His Escape from Cuba, the Immigration Service Continues to Prosecute Regalado, with the Objective to Deport Him Back to Cuba.


Tab C-        Prior Knowledge, Consent, Collaboration, Cover-up and Obstruction of Justice by the Clinton-Gore Administration in the Shootdown of BTTR Aircraft.


Tab D-        BTTR Rebuts and/or Raises More Questions on the Responses by Col. Michael C. McMahan, Deputy J-3 for the Atlantic Command, on behalf of SEADS and NORAD, to the Members’ Questions at the Hearing on the Shootdown of the House International Committee, Western Hemisphere Subcommittee on Sept 18, 1996.


After Col. McMahan and Another Government Witness Pleaded Ignorance to Most of the Members’ Questions during the Hearing, These Responses Were Subsequently Submitted and Inserted for the Record.


Tab E-         Summary of BTTR Questions and Refusal to Answer of Dec. 28, 1998 by the Department of Defense, Invoking “National Security”.


Questions of October 3, 1996 by Senator Jesse Helms, Mostly Unanswered To-date, in Press Release that Affirms:  “The American People Have Not Been Told the Truth about This Tragic Event”.


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