1.                  The US government had prior knowledge of Fidel Castro’s intentions to shoot down the BTTR aircraft.  The US government did nothing to prevent the crime and did nothing to warn BTTR.


Letter of Oct 3, 1996 from the Center for Defense Information (CDI) to the Honorable Dan Burton regarding Admiral Eugene J. Carroll, Jr., US Navy (Ret.) trip to Cuba during 5-9 Feb 1996 and the Cuban Government’s “calculated warning” about the shootdown.


Time, October 18, 1996, “Clinton’s Cuban Road to Florida”


2.                  ICAO Report, * pages 50 and 51.


Item of ICAO Report *


3.                  Radar print C207 Special Intrest 24 Feb 96 and related write up by BTTR


Item 1.1.6-ICAO Report *


4.         “The Deadly Protocol” by José J. Basulto


5.         International Standards, Rules of the Air, Annex 2 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Ninth Edition-July 1990, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


6.         “21 July 1991.  US military response to Cuban threat to civilian aircraft” by Alfredo J. Sánchez


7.         Memorandum by Raúl U. Martínez, Volunteer Pilot, BTTR, on flight of Dec 19, 1992


8.         ICAO Report* conclusions 3.18, 3.19, 3.20 and 3.22.


9.         Radar sites B94 and J07-location of Basulto’s plane at 3:53 PM


10.              MiGs’ communication transcript (undisclosed U.S. government source), including transcripts of communication with ground control of MiGs that chased N2506 (Basulto’s plane)


11.       ICAO Report * item 1.1.47 and related radar plate, ICAO Report page 73.


12.       Excerpts from Major Jeffery Houlihan’s sworn testimony, given at the FAA vs. José Basulto court hearings on June 27, 1996, before the United States National Transportation Safety Board, where Basulto appealed to recover his pilot license which had been revoked by the FAA.


Very Important Information:

Pages:              361-362









13.              Castro admits responsibility for the shootdown of BTTR aircraft:


Excerpt of interview of Fidel Castro by Dan Rather made Public on September 3, 1996


                        Time Magazine, March 11, 1996, Interview: “Fidel’s Defense”


14.       US government source created and disseminated false information on BTTR’s intentions for Feb. 24, 1996


15.       a.         Letter from Gen. Howard G. DeWolf (Sept 5, 1996) to Rep. Dan Burton, submitted for the record at the hearing before the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere (Sept 18, 1996) and BTTR’s response.


b.         Report of Inquiry by Gen. Rodney P. Kelly (Oct 13, 1996) and BTTR’s response.






*          ICAO Report refers to the Report of the Investigation Regarding the Shooting Down of Two US Registered Private Civil Aircraft by Cuban Military Aircraft on 24 February 1996, dated June 1996.