The financial award to compensate Jose Basulto for damages sustained as a consequence of the February 24, 1996 MiG attack, ordered by Castro against Brothers to the Rescue, is pending in Federal Court.

The outcome of the award could provide a unique opportunity to both, the Cuban people and the U.S. Government. It could be a time for the Bush administration to demonstrate good will towards the Cuban-American community, the people of Cuba and their quest for democracy in the Island.

Basulto stated, on May 20 2002, when the civil law suit against Castro and the Cuban Government was entered, that if funds were obtained through this means, they could be applied towards promoting democracy in the Island. " These funds belong to the Cuban people and they will be used on their behalf, if I gain access to them".

The funds, can come from frozen Cuban assets in the U.S. that belong to the Republic of Cuba, as it was done by the previous administration with the families of the victims and they can serve the Cuban People, without the direct involvement of the Government of the U.S..



A trust fund to oversee and administer a civic project, with a well defined political objective: Democracy for Cuba.


Jose J. Basulto and others, selected as trustees, that will implement the project presented here in conceptual form, will act in the capacity of guardians and facilitators, and will disqualify themselves from any political candidacy in Cuba, while in the trust, and will refrain from any activity that could impair the judgment and neutrality needed, to attain its goals.


To promote, attain and preserve democracy in Cuba.

To seek a native Cuban alternative to Castro, within Cuba, through all nonviolent and legal means available.

To empower the nonviolent movement in the Island to achieve a transition of power to democracy, as well as a victory over the dictatorship. To help those who promote this action, from inside or outside Cuba, in an effective and coherent manner and within a carefully laid out strategic plan.

To safeguard and guarantee the sovereignty and the right to self-determination of the people of Cuba.

To help those who will organize political parties and to give the grass roots leadership in the country, the opportunity to participate.

To ensure that the people of Cuba can attain an uncompromised representation, to limit the influence from outside interest groups as well as from organized remnants of the regime (with pre existing links and access to funds) to attain or regain absolute political control. To provide an even field of political participation to all, when elections time come.

To buttress the emerging civil society and help organize the basic institutions that will be required for a democratic government to exist, as well as to preserve it.

To provide political and administrative education, forming the new leaders, for an alternative form of self- government to take place.

To provide education on the subject of ethics, a minimum of which will be necessary to restore trust in the government, as well as within society at large.

To promote free enterprise and the citizensí participation, in a new order which will require all individuals to work, in order to reap benefits. To provide the needed incentives to expedite the process.

To safeguard the system by promoting opportunities for all, openness and mobility within the new society. To give an equal start to as many as possible, with due respect to the dignity of man at all levels and from all political origins.

To promote a free press and access to it, as a first step, as well as other forms of communications that will help form a national informed consensus in matters of interest to all.