JosÚ Basulto┤s speech of August 24, 1996, given at the
Brothers to the Rescue base at Opa-locka, Florida.

Today, August 24, 1996, six months after the murder in
international airspace of Armando, Carlos, Mario and Pablo
by Castro's MiGs, Brothers to the Rescue will resume its
humanitarian patrols in international waters of the Florida

Six months of waiting and watching a worsening refugee
situation in the Florida Straits. Questioning if others will
respond to the need.

Six months of  conflict with our loved ones, pain for our fallen
Brothers and legal battles to defend our honor from those
who at times choose to side with our enemies.

Today we return because the underlying causes of the long
years of exodus are still in effect, and the loss of life

We return because, by not doing so, we would have yielded
to state terrorism from Cuba and political harassment from
the U.S.

We return because Mario, Pablo, Carlos and Armando would
have returned.

We return because the people of Cuba, our brothers, must
learn to believe in themselves as well as to act for

We return to tell you that we have never been, and never will
be, an instrument to provoke an armed intervention in Cuba
by the U.S.

We return to accuse Castro of a blind military adventure in
the shoot-down of our planes, and to make him responsible
for the additional suffering to the Cuban people that this
action will bring about.

We return to tell our people that only thru their courage to
confront their oppressor, and their dignity as their only
weapon, this struggle can be won!

We return to bring love where only hate exists, and to bring
hope to a nation that subsist under darkness.

We return to assert our right to return, as well as to inspire
our brothers within the Island, to take action in behalf of their
own rights.

We return to contain a possible human avalanche triggered
by Castro to blackmail a U.S. President that sometimes
cannot tell apart his friends from the enemies of this country.

We return to honor Leonel Morejon Almagro, Lazaro
Gonzalez, Gustavo and Sebastian Arcos, Pay , and others
that had the courage to give us Concilio Cubano and to face
the consequences of their actions. It is them we honor today;
For they are the future for Democracy in Cuba.

We thank you for being with us, and now we prepare to
depart with a smile and a prayer,

for this is our struggle.

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