Sleeping with the enemy

By: William(Billy) Schuss

While on vacation on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida, I was anxious to hear some fresh news about Cuba, so I tried to see if I could hear any Cuban station from there. Finally, I was able to connect with the Cuban station, Radio Rebelde. It was transmitting from the Carl Max Theatre in Havana the graduating ceremony of new doctors and nurses. The Cuban government scheduled this graduating ceremony to coincide with Fidel Castro’s birthday.

To my surprise, the voice of an American woman came through the radio praising the "Cuban Revolution" and the advance it had accomplished in the fields of education and health. This woman also congratulated "el Comandante" for his birthday and wished him many more birthdays to come.

This voice was the voice of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Democrat for California. It seems to me that this lady is either very ill informed about the suffering and abuses that our people in Cuba have to endure on a day to day basis, about the "bright future" these newly graduated Cubans will be forced to face. Most of all, it amazes me that this "Democrat for California" has never heard the words of "el Comandante" where he plainly stated in Iran that "between Iran and Cuba, we will bring the United States to their knees". She must be the most "naïve" person in the world, and, if this is the case, she should be placed in the Guinness book of record, with the chances of never been surpassed.

Congresswoman Waters should rectify this course of action that is self destructive for herself, for her country and our beloved Cuba.