The following is a transcript of the affidavit of Tim J. Reilly.


State of South Carolina

County Charleston

BEFORE ME the undersigned authority personally appeared TIM J. REILLY, who, after being duly sworn, deposes and says:

    1. My name is Tim J. Reilly, and my address 1323 Center Lake Drive, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, 29464.

    2. On February 24, 1996, I was on board the fishing vessel Tri-Liner in the vicinity of 23-30N 082-17W. At the time of the incident I was asleep but was awakened by my crewman shouting that a plane had blown up. I ran on deck but did not have my glasses, so I returned inside to get them. When I came back on deck all I saw was part of an airplane tumbling down into the ocean about 200 to 400 yards behind our boat.

    3. We turned the boat around and head for where the parts had fallen. Two minutes later we arrived at the site and saw a slick. There was very little wreckage, but we did not notice a one and half (1 ) foot square orange float (box) with green dye or antifreeze coming out of it and a long yellow rope going down. We waited at the site about ten minutes but nothing else came to the surface. At that point, we started heading north again. I then noticed a second plane, which was white with a big belly and two engines.

    4. The second plane was circling in front of us from starboard to port, when a jet came up behind it and shot a missile. I saw the missile blow out the second plane. It exploded in a large fire ball before it hit the water. After it hit the water. I witnessed a wide fire blazing on the water. The jet which fired the missile, then dissapeared. There was a white cruise ship heading west at the time the second plane was fired on and the second plane was hit about three to five miles in front of the cruise ship.

    5. We did not look for wreakage from the second plane for two reasons. First, we assumed these were navy maneuvers. Second , after having witnessed the plane blow up we did not thing there would be much wreakage left.



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand an official seal this 14th day of May, 1996.


The affiant is personally known to me.

My commission expires July 11, 2000

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